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Ora Dental Care Mysore

One of the most awarded dental clinic in mysore for delivering quality dental care at affordable price in the most hygeinc environment.

About Us

Ora Dental Care is one of the top rated dental clinic in mysore(mysuru).It is not just another dental clinic; it is a place for healing and wellness. A state of the art set up with high tech equipment and warm welcoming ambience , it’s a place that will ease your stress as soon as you step in. We have made every effort to make your experience of dental treatment pleasant and pain free. We have a wonderful team of highly qualified, experienced specialist dentists and friendly support staff, all of whom/who work by the principles of “honesty, humility and hard work”.

At Ora Dental Care, Mysuru, we value your time as ours and thus we ensure that you spend the briefest time in the waiting lounge, if ever. We follow stringent protocol for sterilization and asepsis and deliver best quality care in a hygienic and sanitized environment. Overall, our aim is to provide you a positive and healthy change in your life and a give you the confidence that only comes with a great smile !

Why Choose Ora Dental Care

Our Services

Scaling & Polishing

Some areas of your mouth are inaccessible to brushing and lead to plaque accumulation. Improper brushing technique 


If you are having pain or sensitivity to cold food and beverage or while eating sweets in a particular tooth, you may have decay. 

Endodontic therapy

When the decay extends into or is very close to the pulp, a filling will no longer suffice. You may experience severe pain in a particular tooth

Fixed Partial Dentures

This is a method of replacement of missing tooth/teeth using support of teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. The adjacent teeth are cut to make 

Dental Implants

Dental implants are not less than a revolution in the field of dentistry. They have given us the potential to help you rediscover your smile

Removable Dentures

Loss of teeth is disheartening for any person. It not only affects their appearance but also more importantly their function

Implant supported Overdentures

These are removable dentures which are seated on implants to give better comfort and function.

Orthodontic treatment

This treatment is done for mal-aligned teeth. There is no upper age limit for starting orthodontic treatment however, best results are achieved 

Dental Extraction

We always strive to save a tooth which can be salvaged. Unfortunately, it may not be  possible to save a tooth if it has extensive decay


Nothing seems more desirable than a beautiful, sparkling white smile and we would love to help you have the same. Teeth get stained over a period of time 

Fluoride Treatment

An age old adage goes, “Prevention is better than cure”, we at Ora Dental Care too believe in this wise saying. Dental decay is any persons’

Smile Designing

“Smile is a curve that sets everything straight”. A perfect smile is no less than a prized asset. Each one may not be blessed

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